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Hyperactivity can include one or more of these behaviors: impulsive, little control of use and volume of voice, distractible, short attention span, unable to concentrate, emotionally labile, over-reacts to situations, quick changes of emotions, perseverates, constant motion, restless, and fidgety.

The more hyperactive the child is, the greater degree of use and the larger number of the following suggestions you will find necessary in order to help the child. Always gauge your rules and behavior according to the child's needs.


How to influence his/her environment:

  • use soothing, quiet lullaby music

  • have a quiet place to work with no auditory distractions

  • few to no visual stimuli


How to set up his/her learning tasks:

  • Allow and have controlled movement as part of his lesson

  • have short work periods

  • have many varied lessons during work periods

  • structure all tasks; have them ready but out of sight


How you must behave:

  • use a calm voice

  • be calm, relaxed, quiet and patient

  • learn to anticipate the child's inappropriate behavior

  • prepare the child for each situation and how he/she should act

  • supervise him/her at all times

  • praise as often as possible -- use behavior modification techniques

  • give the child understanding -- he/she isn't bad


How to get the child's attention:

  • draw the child's eyes to the task

  • hold the child's hand

  • hold the child's face

  • use bright colors on the task


Your expectations of the child:

  • let him/her know exactly what you expect of them

  • have strict rules

  • be consistent

  • enforce all rules

  • give commands -- be authoritative

  • give 2 and only 2 choices; be sure that either choice the child makes is what you want

  • be firm

  • use short 1 to 3 word commands

  • give directions only once

  • insist the child complete every task

  • immediately stop any task that begins to get out of control for preservation; physically stop, hold hand up to stop or command: "STOP".                                                                                                                                                                          

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