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How to get the child's attention:

  • Get down on the child's level, with your face close to his.

  • Let your face and your voice tell your child that what you are doing is interesting and fun.

  • Let the child actively participate. Language is best learned while doing.

  • Tune into the child. Talk about what interests him.

 What to talk about:

  • Talk about the Here and Now.

  • Talk about the obvious. Talk about what he is currently doing.

  • At times, talk for the child. Put his actions or look of interest into words.

  • Put the child's feelings into words (parallel talk)

 How to talk to a child who doesn't yet have spoken words:

  • Everything has a name. Use the name.

  • Use short, simple sentences.

  • When you use single words, put them back into a sentence.

  • Use natural gestures when you talk.

  • Tell, then show the child what you are doing.

  • Use repetition. Say it again and again with varied intonation.

  • Give the child a chance to show that he understands.

 How to help a child use his voice to make sounds:

  • Imitate the child’s repeated movement and add voiced sounds to go along with the movement.

  • Vary the sounds you make to the child. Make it interesting for him to listen.

  • Give the child a chance to use his voice. Be a listener as well as a talker.

  • Imitate the sounds the child makes.

  • Reward the child when he uses his voice by smiling, imitating him or physical contact.

 How to talk when the child begins to use words:

  • Reward the child when he attempts to say a word.

  • Repeat the child's word and put it back into a short sentence.

  • When the child uses telegraphic speech, repeat his thoughts in a sentence.

  • Expand the child's vocabulary by adding new words.

  • When the child uses incorrect speech, repeat it correctly.

  • Let the child hear new sentence forms.

  • When the child expresses an idea, expand his thoughts by adding new information                                                                                          

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