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  Our Vision

We build a foundation for your child so they can learn to live, cope with their challenges, reach their fullest potential and ultimately be happy and  succeed.  We help change a parent's fear to hope through scientifically based methods, education, evidence based practice and interventions. 

Our Mission
At Cornerstone we believe each child can learn and make progress to achieve their maximum potential through teamwork that involves first, and foremost, the parent and the child, then the team of professionals who are involved with the child and family. 

The parents are the “Cornerstone” of what happens with their child in the treatment process. They know their child the best and are the best educators of their child's habits. It is imperative the parents are intimately involved in their child's treatment process. We encourage involvement through teaching/training parents on how to work on certain skills in the home environment.
Cornerstone Therapy Services provides speech/language, occupational and physical therapy services to children, and their families in Brevard county since 1986.  

Cornerstone Therapy Services

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